11 Pro Tips for Selling Your Home

It can often be tough to have your home stand out in today’s real estate market. Luckily, the insider
knowledge of an experienced listing agent can help you surpass your competition. We’ve asked a few of
our top-performing agents to compile a list of 11 ways to increase the appeal of your home and help you
attract the perfect buyer.

1. Go minimal

If you are hosting walk-ins, tours, or an open house, a disorganized interior with too much clutter will
quickly turn off buyers. It can distract from the best features of your home as well as make the space
seem much smaller and less elegant. We advise that, before you even list your home, begin the process
of organizing and disposing of things you don’t need and adapt a mindset of minimalism.

2. Let the light shine in

A well-lit environment, utilizing both natural and artificial light sources, can make your home feel both
comfortable and livable. For sunlight, open (or remove) the curtains, wipe down your windows, and cut
any brush or vegetation outside that may be blocking the entry of light. To more effectively light up your
interior, upgrade your light bulbs to those with higher wattage and switch the shades on your lamp to
ones with higher quality light dispersion.

3. Remove any existing odors.

If you are living in your home, sometimes you may not notice the many smells that linger. The nose is a
picky sense for a potential buyer; not only is odor an unpleasant experience, but they may consider the
possibility that the smell cannot be disposed of. This includes food and pet odors, both of which have
been shown to greatly deteriorate your chances of selling your home. Ask a friend, family member, or
your listing agent if there are any odors, and make sure to handle them before opening your home to
potential buyers.

4. Avoid major makeovers

Small repairs and simple details deliver the best bang for your buck. That being said, avoid costly
upgrades and major, time-consuming improvements as they will likely give you much less return, if any,
for your money and effort. Replacing curtains, installing more elegant doorknobs, repainting your walls,
and fixing any squeaky or leaky objects in your home are all reasonable investments that can leave a
positive impression on buyers.

5. Hire a professional photographer

In the days of smartphones and fast internet, the photos you attach to your listing are essential to the
success of a home sale. The pictures you make available to potential buyers are a primary resource your
buyers use to compare your home to others. We advise that either you or your listing agent hire a
professional photographer to get the job done right. When selling a home, it’s largely about perception.
Quality photography can lend a hand in making your property stand out from the crowd and make it
both memorable and desirable.

6. Groom your landscape

First impressions can mean everything, and that includes when a potential buyer arrives at your front
lawn. A tidy front yard with a trimmed lawn, neatly-shaped bushes, and a thriving bed of flowers can
bring life and beauty to your home, as well as increase its worth.

7. De-personalize your environment

It is your goal to stage your home in a way that potential buyers can imagine it as their own home, a
place that they can and will live in. You should strive to make your home less of a ‘home’, and more of a
‘house’. This way potential buyers have a blank canvas that they can project their imagination onto. The
best strategy for this is to keep personal mementos as well as photos of your family in storage as you
open your house to potential buyers.

8. Keep your home presentable

The future buyer of your home could request a walk-in tour or visit at any time. It’s important to remain
prepared for this and make yourself available, but most importantly, keep your home tidy and
attractive. Maintain a consistent routine of dusting and cleaning – do the dishes, scrub the toilets,
organize papers, and more. Though this routine may be cumbersome, you will be ready to win the
attention of buyers.

9. Send your pets on vacation

Everyone has their distinct preferences, and some folks may not be fans of your favorite household
animals. If you are a pet owner, be considerate of the possible feelings (or allergies) of potential buyers
and leave your pets out of the equation. By leaving your dog or cat at a friend or family member’s home
while you are showing your house, you remove the chance of offending a potential buyer. There is also
the benefit of little to no pet odor, as previously mentioned.

10. Leave wonderful first impressions

We’ve already covered ways to maximize the beauty of your home’s interior and exterior, so this tip is
for you as the home owner. It’s up to you to leave a warm, honest, and friendly impression on potential
buyers who visit. Welcome potential buyers whenever they visit with a smile, handshake, and
introduction. Leave a platter of cookies or brownies on the kitchen table. Place a vase of fresh, colorful
flowers in areas to make them feel more alive. Small details such as these can leave great, lasting

11. If you have courage, set your initial listing price low

Many successful agents have deemed this strategy as one of the most effective in current market
conditions, though it takes some risk. If you’ve estimated the fair value of your home, take that number
and subtract fifteen to twenty percent. A low initial listing price attracts a lot of attention in any housing
market. There is a good chance your home will be receive bids from multiple buyers – more often than
not, quickly bidding the price above its true value. Not only can this strategy bring attention to your
home, but also often result in a higher sale price than previously thought.

A Great Agent Can Guide You Through These Strategies

For any homeowner looking for buyers, these tips from our top agents can help your home get noticed
and sold. A great real estate agent can be worth their weight in gold, helping you implement these
strategies in a minimal amount of time with little hassle. At Best Agents Match, our free service matches
you with the top-performing agents in your local area. We will personally connect you with great agents
that will guide you in executing these tips, strategies, and more. Try our free service today.

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